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18 April 2017 - 2017 - REFINED!





Welcome to 2017 Edition!

The official server start will take place on 1st of May at 16:00 CEST.

Special Offer: Players who will login during the first hour of the server start will be eligible to permanently unlock one of the below look-types as outfits:

We are starting off the REFINED version 2017 edition by adding several new content to the game, we have prepared new hunting places, new NPCs, new weapons, new events, new spells, and game items. We heard your feedback on the forums and our social media channels and hence that mega update has been done.

Hellsway 2017 Refined Edition Album

[New Content]

  • 100% Premium Points refund to all players who have purchased throughout this edition.
  • VIP can be bought for crystal coin now through NPC Khan.
  • New spawn Super Rat for level 400+
  • New spawn Super Spider for level 430+
  • New spawn Super Skeleton for level 500+
  • New spawn Jungle Beast for level 550+
  • New spawn Super Earth Elemental for level 620+
  • New 3 spells for level 500 (exura energy, exori con gran mas, elements bang) for corresponding (Knight, Mage, and Paladin)
  • New Team Hunting system at Werewolf V2 cave, try it out!
  • New Team Battle Event weekly Sunday 20:00 CEST, reward is 20 Premium Points!
  • New Wanted System.
  • New Kills / Deaths description on player look, maintain a good score!

[Changes to old content]

  • Bog Raiders no longer gives exp for players higher than level 600.
  • Removed Mega Bless from Mysterious Quest Set due to exp abuses
  • Great Mana Potions now gives 400-550 instead of 300-410
  • Loot rate has been slightly reduced to 4x instead of 5x.

[Basic Information about Hellsway]

  • Core of all Tibia 8.6 realmap game world such as quests and secret challenges.
  • Weekly TeamBattle Event.
  • Daily Zombie Event.
  • New Spell for each vocation upon reaching level 400.
  • Active community events and staff managed open battles.
  • Anti-Crash System (you will never loss anything upon server failures, if it happened!).
  • Custom Hunting Areas.
  • Custom Quests and Adventures.
  • Houses At all Cities are Working 100%.
  • Active Support Team.
  • Uniquely founded Vocations.

[Advance Rewards]

  • Level 200 20 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 300 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 350 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 400 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 500 40 Free Premium Points
  • Level 600 50 Free Premium Points (NEW)

[Community Creation Videos]

See you on Lands! 
Hellsway Team
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11 April 2017 - April Update

Hey everyone,

We have released below new updates to the game world, NPCs, changes to current quests rewards, and new castle restrictions. Let's dive into the update details:

- Refine is our new NPC where you can obtain new chargeable weapons, visit him at Thais depot next to NPC Naji and check what powerful weapons he offers!

  • - Added 50 Premium Points reward at level 600.

  • - Myth V2 monsters now gives exp to players who are higher than 450 instead of 600 (its a rewarding hunting place).

  • - Added secret Bog Raider resp at Myth.

  • - Changed Epic Hydra quest reward to be 24 hour of bonus exp instead of 1 exp egg

  • - Added Firestorm event (daily), reward is 20 premium points.

  • - Bog Raiders now gives less experience to players who are higher than level 600, it is recommended to visit outside castle hunting places such as Myth and start hunting there for extremely faster and rewarding experience.

Let us hear your feedback about the update!
Hellsway Team.
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5 April 2017 - Update Teaser

Whisper Whisper... we are working on something behind the scenes!

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2 April 2017 - Featuring Video - 2017 by Never Dead

Hey Everyone,

We would love to share with all of you, this war video created by "Never Dead"
Thank you "Never Dead" for your video creation. The player have rewarded with 300 Premium Points for that video, it's your turn!

Be a Legend, be a Hellsway's
Hellsway Team.
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30 March 2017 - Venore Open Battle





Gather your guild and join the upcoming Venore's open battle hosted by Hellsway Team.

Date: 31 March 2017 - Yes, Today.
Location: Venore's Ship.
Time: 18:00 CET
Rewards: 8 Exp Eggs + Addon Doll to each participating member of the winning guild.

We looking forward to seeing you at the battlefield!
Hellsway Team.
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