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20 Jul 2018 -
Welcome to 2018.
Welcome to 2018.
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20 Jul 2018 - Summer Edition 2018

Like & Share our Launch Post to have a chance redeeming a shop/outfit item on our fanpage!





The official server start will take place on 25th of July at 16:00 CEST.

Would you like to spark some action moments turning them into fire? Would you like to create unforgotten and ultimate gaming experience? Would you like your VOICE to be heard? - If the answer is Yes!, then this is the Open Tibia Server you looking for.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to one of the most intellectual RealMap Open Tibia Servers ever created on this planet. We have been online for almost 7 years, developing, growing, facing ups and downs, and always there for our community and followers.

Loyalty Program: For those who persistently playing, you deserve a reward to your loyalty. Visit the Loyalty Program webpage at your Account Management to unlock your reward. Rewards are determined based on your Account Name, so make sure to register with the same account name you used throughout previous Hellsway editions.

Advance Rewards

  • Level 200 20 Premium Points.
  • Level 300 25 Premium Points.
  • Level 350 25 Premium Points.
  • Level 400 25 Premium Points.
  • Level 500 40 Premium Points.
  • Level 600 50 Premium Points.

Server Info

See you on Hellsway LEGENDS!
Hellsway Team.
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