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The Hunters

66 kills


15 kills

Los Andersberg

11 kills

Run It Back

5 kills
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1 Jan 1970 - is loading... is loading...
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20 Feb 2020 - Free Premium Points Activation
Dear Hellswayers',

The free premium points system have been activated and for all those who didn't earn points at level 200 or higher, all the missed points will be added at the next level advance.

  • Free 20 Premium Points at level 200
  • Free 25Premium Points at level 300
  • Free 25 Premium Points at level 350
  • Free 25 Premium Points at level 400
  • Free 40 Premium Points at level 500
  • Free 50 Premium Points at level 600

Have fun,
Admin Hellsway
Posted by Admin

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1 Jan 1970 - Hellsway 2020 Launch





Free Premium Points.

Server Info and Rates

New Nobility System

New Clans System (replacement of traditional guild system)

New Battle Power System

New Team Hunt System

Posted by Admin

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