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20 August 2017 - Mega Bosses Conquering Hellsway

Greetings Hellsway Fellows,

Get ready to fight the newly designed Mega Bosses during a raid tomorrow 21th of August at 19:00 CEST at Thais. Conquering is not easy, but with the Mega Bosses, they shall make it!

We have also few fixes to reported bugs during server start, which are:
  • Fixed an issue with Werewolf V2 monster health.
  • Mighty bosses such as Morgorath and others now require at least level 350 to access.
  • Fixed an issue with premium points at level 250 and 300, just get one more level and all points will be added to your character.

Fight with Honor!
Hellsway Team.
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11 August 2017 - Hellsway Summer 2017 Edition Launch!





The official server start will take place on 19th of August at 18:00 CEST.

Loyalty Program: Players who previously played on editions will be granted to receive +35 Free Premium Points upon reaching level 250.

Special Offer: Players who will login during the first hour of the server start will be eligible to permanently unlock one of the below look-types as outfits:

Welcome to a Legendary and one of a kind Open Tibia Servers ever created in the OTs field. In this edition we are bringing variety of content which consist of new hunting, new quests, new spells, and bosses. Hellsway is online since 2012 and it has hosted thousands of moments, together with our community we have created a ground for unforgotten moments to happen, and we have both carried and observed the transformation of many OTs players from regular players to Legendaries.

Within the Summer 2017 edition we are bringing new game concepts to Hellsway lands. We have focused on giving our players control over the game world state throughout the new content. You may now as a gameworld players choose one of up to five quests to unlock by sacraifing certain amount of dropped items by all the game world monsters. We are excited to let you explore all of them in game once the server has started!


  • IP:
  • Client: 8.60
  • Port: 7171

[Server Info]

  • Exp Rate avg: 130x.
  • Loot Rate: 5x.
  • Skill Rate: 35x.
  • Magic Rate: 12x.


  • Core of all Tibia 8.6 realmap game world such as quests and secret challenges.
  • Weekly TeamBattle Event.
  • Daily Zombie Event.
  • New Spell for each vocation upon reaching level 400.
  • Active community events and staff managed open battles.
  • Anti-Crash System (you will never loss anything upon server failures, if it happened!).
  • Custom Hunting Areas.
  • Custom Quests and Adventures.
  • Houses At all Cities are Working 100%.
  • Active Support Team.
  • Uniquely founded Vocations.

[Advance Rewards]

  • Level 200 20 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 300 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 350 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 400 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 500 40 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 600 50 Free Premium Points

New Hunting Grounds

New Quests

New Bosses

New Maps

[Community Creation Videos]

See you on Lands!
Hellsway Team.
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