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Donation Potion
Hello, I did the quest for donation potion, but i...
Bierkoenig02830.07.19 19:40:41
by Bierkoenig
House Items Disappeared ?
Hi.. So after having some issues with the actual s...
Jevo07219.03.19 14:22:40
by Jevo
Is there something wrong with 8.6 ?
Hi, Would be nice to have a reply from the owne...
Jevo16017.03.19 19:16:31
by Jevo
Server Down?
Unable to log in 16/03/2019 @ 22:35 GMT...
Jevo05216.03.19 23:35:34
by Jevo
Reached level 200 and no premium points
Hey Admins! I reached level 200 on my Master S...
Jevo08915.03.19 19:56:58
by Jevo
Any Admins still around?
Hi im just wondering if there are any admins that ...
Jevo06515.03.19 19:40:00
by Jevo
GM. wtf?! The server is like on an old update of...
Kins17214.03.19 20:33:32
by Svettis
Server down again?
Server down again?...
Kins04814.03.19 15:48:57
by Kins
Server down?
Is the server down atm?...
Kins28527.02.19 11:42:40
by Admin
Recieve old points
Hey I have even saved my old account info that ...
Kins06727.02.19 09:15:40
by Kins
hi, when buy any item 100x, after first buy, it co...
Vitox07626.02.19 17:12:46
by Vitox
I can't get in. What's wrong?...
Eyjafjallajokull410526.02.19 16:06:18
by Admin
Send My Points Gm , Open Outlook Or Yahoo You Reci...
Wezy311328.02.19 17:30:36
by Uzi
Server start
Hey So the timer is set on CEST, which means th...
Kins011925.02.19 15:09:27
by Kins
Are there going to be donation castles where you c...
Jon Pekson09525.02.19 13:16:07
by Jon Pekson
is botting or autohealing is legal here?......
Knyga111724.02.19 22:47:49
by Admin
Vip city
Hello! would you put vip city, like previous vers...
Kenebep111424.02.19 22:49:01
by Admin

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