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by Admin
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Posts: 14 — New Dawn Edition is Here!

We are proud to introduce you to New Dawn Edition. This edition is a comprehensive, yet Hellsway flavored change to the entire OT. We focused on adding many more quality content not just content to fill in gaps. Different kind of content is available now such as new quests, new events in OTs for the 1st time, new arena, new cities, new NPCs, new spells, and many many more...

Introducing Challenge Quest one of the new quests on New Dawn's edition. This quest is a journey you will go along with your character at level 400 to unlock very unique set of spells.

New uniquely designed spells for level 400 in a whole new suite!

Hunting on New Dawn edition is more than interesting as we are introducing Monster Exp Booster, this unique feature enables you to choose which monster shall be giving you more experience than usual upon quest completion.

Explore four uniquely designed four cities, each city has its secret spawns, houses, and bosses!

Blazing quest gives you access to Avia Town.

Introducing our new unique event brought to those League of Legends fans, we are too by the way! New Dawn Edition is hosting a LoL event each week, yes people now you can play some League at your Tibia!

Updated our event of the years Guild War Event, meet it in its new suite!

Run from the fire or maybe get burned by it? Meet our newly added event Fire Storm event at the New Dawn Edition!

Monsters at New Dawn are now contributing into your progress at the Boss Arena. How? Each monster has a chance of dropping a boss egg which can be used at the new Boss Arena to summon one of the unique set of bosses. Achieve more than just killing a boss, call it inside the arena!

World Bosses! New Dawn comes with what we call "World Bosses" they only spawn at certain times of the week and are extremely rewarding for their killers, a broadcast message is sent to all the in game online players to notify upon boss spawn, here is a sneak peak at the schedule too:
  • Saturday 20:00 => Warpcat
  • Sunday 21:00 => Metalscreamer
  • Monday 21:00 => Big Yeti

World Bosses will start spawning from Week #2 on New Dawn to give the world time to grow first before facing them.

Are you in-game only trader? We are putting our most valuable shop items available into the game at the New Dawn Edition. You can now exchange your donation coins for Premium Points. Donation Coin (DC) can be looted from World Bosses and you can buy it for CCs from NPC Rocard.

Hunters! New Dawn is encouraging you. Introducing Bounty Hunters a system where you can set a bounty on a player in either crystal coins or premium points. A broadcast message will be sent to all online players once you set the bounty and his/her name will be published on the web page of Bounty Hunters. Killing a player which has a bounty on it redeems the reward to its killer.

Explorers! New Dawn is full of secret areas, discover those areas and delight your character with the outcome, whether its the experience of secretly hunting in a far place or finding a unique piece of item, its just rewarding...

Above were the core new features of the New Dawn edition but the game world is not limited to them. We were exciting to work on this project as much as we were excited seeing unforgotten moments being created for years on Hellsway lands. We meet up in the game guys on 28st of September 2018.

Yours, Team.

22.09.18 04:11:51
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on 26.09.18 22:07:46

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What is the time of starting ?
22.09.18 06:32:42
Legendary Hogan

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old system
no castles?
what about free points?
and old paralyez style!
23.09.18 13:53:07

Profession: Paladin
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yeah, im also curious about free points or how to get best set ingame.
27.09.18 16:17:32

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About Noobs Admins.
Do you kidding us?
Bless cost 10 cc OMGG , first time to see that.
No way to get items, No quests even for items , you just looking for players who will donate ..
so players will be 10 , onlines of ots will just be 10 player , ot will die like any version you opened before, allplayers now hate this ot ,, aff it's so sucks.
29.09.18 08:09:47

Profession: Elder Druid
Level: 193

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Its Something hard to get CC.
Loot rage isn't suitable for the conditions of the server.
didn't you notice that ?
there is should be a way to get items.
at least go make quests for them.
i suggest there should be an guild shop.
it should contain weapons for vocations less than donate items.
it should include soft boots.
please use ur brain something.
ot just 110 online, i don't think you waste your time for 110 online only.
29.09.18 10:18:01

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