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Tutors Recruitment
by Admin
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Tutors Recruitment

Greetings Hellsway Fellow,

We are coordinately looking for experienced players who might assist into the Help channel and communicate with new players who might have some questions. If you believe that you have enough knowledge about RealMap OTs in general, along with the custom material on, please email us your application at

Apply now!
Hellsway Team.
05.12.17 13:15:54
Edited by Admin
on 05.12.17 13:18:23
Deadlly Jagger Ek

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its me bro
05.12.17 15:58:21
Lord Jeva Royal Paladin

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hey admin fix loyalty program reward points its not work for any level ..fix it
07.12.17 00:47:39
Sarsilmaz Alper

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When will it be announced?
07.12.17 15:16:24

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back open my account found my skil 69 only

have a bug man ot crash 5 min and me skills lose and shielding , bless falcon is buged or what me skills down ... omg
08.12.17 02:52:50

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