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Patch #4
by Admin
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Patch #4

Greetings Hellsway Fellow,

We have applied patch #4 on which includes adjustments based on your valued feedback, new content, and bug fixes.

  • Dragon spear now can only be used by Paladins instead of all vocations.
  • Stairs above temple are considered PZ now, that means you can't use it to escape a fight.
  • Added new Mining Helmet for mages that gives +12 magic level points.
  • Added Zoan Helmet for Paladins that gives +12 distance.
  • Added Nercomancer shield for Knights that absorb 8% death damage.
  • Added new Dungeon Quest at the quests room.
  • New Behavior: standing on an item now will make it unpushable and unpickable.
  • Fixed every reported map bug.

See you in the game, please provide us with feedback in preparation for patch #5.
Hellsway Team.
25.12.17 08:41:09

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