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Team Hunting

Team hunting is a system created to enable high level players to power-level other lower level players in return of earning Guide Points. A team hunting group is made of party which has a leader, the party leader kills, the party members shares.

What are Guide Points?

Its the reward the party leader earns by power-leveling, for each killed monster the experience is transfered into guide points credit. Note that the party leader does not gain any exp as its being shared among the party members (all shall be lower level than him/her).

What is the usage of Guide Points?

Guide Points is one of the primary currencies used to add fund to your clan. You can donate to your clan by executing the in-game command !clandonategb 25.

How to create and join a Team-Hunting Party?

You can create and manage a party through the following in-game commands:

  • !party create
  • !party invite, playerName
  • !party kick, playerName
  • !party disband
  • !join partyOwnerName

How to know how many Guide Points do I have?

You may execute the in-game command !partygains.

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