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World Information
Players Online:62
Online Record:180 players (on Mar 10 2018, 21:32:43 CET)
Creation Date:30/11/2010
PvP Type:Open PvP

Aikes370Master Sorcerer
Anti Mage450Elite Knight
Bad Boy Riwas501Elite Knight
Beshlik601Royal Paladin
Catalunya320Elite Knight
Don Fajlapo485Elite Knight
Exfetto473Master Sorcerer
Fittmona302Royal Paladin
Foxx472Elder Druid
Frenetica376Master Sorcerer
Furious Pentagram411Elder Druid
Fyratjugo453Elite Knight
Galen Horunge460Master Sorcerer
Gnomo311Master Sorcerer
Hell Song296Master Sorcerer
Heltokig471Elite Knight
Imheltokigsbrother451Elder Druid
Irmao Kako317Elite Knight
Kenebep603Royal Paladin
Kheryll381Royal Paladin
King Mota251Druid
King Torres364Elder Druid
Krtoff552Elite Knight
Kvarnen353Elder Druid
Mac Kush336Elite Knight
Mary Jane435Elite Knight
Mary Kane465Elder Druid
Max'ed416Elder Druid
Max'rp317Royal Paladin
Messi414Elite Knight
Nairobi330Elite Knight
Nerd Netdown327Elite Knight
Nereus451Elite Knight
Nobiita398Master Sorcerer
Nordiz436Royal Paladin
Onyx422Master Sorcerer
Orlando272Elite Knight
Pana Loki546Elite Knight
Parceloo532Elite Knight
Quntalix401Elder Druid
Ragnar497Elite Knight
Rama419Master Sorcerer
Rasta Riina327Knight
Sujetammela451Elder Druid
Swantime405Elder Druid
Swantimz500Elite Knight
Tenebris Dark Knight356Elite Knight
The Master467Elite Knight
The Saint404Royal Paladin
Torres Speedflw300Royal Paladin
Veguz470Elder Druid
Veko406Elite Knight
Veko Ii402Royal Paladin
Veko Li399Royal Paladin
Veko Ll339Royal Paladin
Wiinstoon347Elite Knight
Ymy Knight357Elite Knight

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Players Online: 62/1000