A Few bugs

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Hello, I have noticed a few bugs while playing. And since this server is just.. AMAZING.. I will take somme of my time to talk with you about it.

-Donation castle. #28 and #29 some teleports spawn you in the other house. Good Thing. My RL friends owns them. (all guild members got one and are my rl friends ) #showoff.

-Guild. Vice-Leader Position  CANNOT be owned by any guild member. And we can't put a guild LOGO.

-Party. Party members CANNOT share experience. Even IN and OUT of level requirements. "SHARE EXP NO WORK"

-Seems like community have a major problem with Vodafone.

-Should warn people on website that they need "VIP" to access their Donation Castles.

-Price of "100CC" on website is high. 10 Points/KK (100CC) would be reasonable.

-Tutors/GM. You need active people as Tutors who speaks "Fluent English" on HELP CHANNEL. To Guide players and make them more comfortable into Hellsway 2017 Community. When the unprepared happens well you need atleast a GM online or not too far, to teleport someone out or in. Or make something disapear or appear. So the server has a "godlike staff" if something bad happens, to keep a stable community against anything bad that happens ingame, letsay someone finds a hole and then their stuck or you a teleport.. you know.. we need active staff that has knowledge in tibia 8.60 and hellsway 2017.

-Develop more crazy quest with awesome rewards.

-Guild, have an option to "NICK" your character on website and it shows ingame.. example.. You see Yourself. You are a Master Sorcerer. Leader of the QC Brotherhood, (Mastermind).

Thats it for now, Thank you for taking your time to read :P

Sincerely, Mass Destruction. Who's that ? The Mastermind. .l.(o_0).l.

Mass Destruction,
Hello, Mass!

Some of these have been reported directly to Admin already, they are working hard to fix all of them. But some of them are new and I'm unable to disagree, epic new quests would be nice to have. Thank you dearly for the efforts and server suggestions, they are highly appreciated from us.
I have also received a few suggestions myself which comes directly from our players. 
Here is the list:

* Lower the exp (1,5x at 501?)
* New and more events and more often
* Create a somewhat anti afk in castle, (so people doesn't afk there 24/7).

Nevertheless, I wish you all well and best of luck. If you have any questions towards me you can reach me in-game or simply reply here. Thank you!

PS, I disagree with inactive tutors 

this server should make alot of changes 
castle duration.
you can't hunt in castle sereval time, you need limited time this idea taken from other server and all staff knows that.
making system to change frags into points or at least getting helpful items within game like double exp stamina refiller addon doll as reward from these frags.
people nowadays in modern hellsway chasing high score not waring like before their greatest achievement is their level?

Old Powerz,
need lvl men
Active Tutors would be awesome. Help Channel always flooded with advertising and sell/buy. And no one there to help/guide unexperienced players. SPAMM in help channel by noobs saying this and that sucks etc.. join this.. common..
Mass Destruction,
that's literally 99% of all the suggestions here do XXX, why not just say copy everything from masiyah? XDD
also staff should make vip buy-able with money from shop because this is ridiculous players cant hunt no hunting spot. they act like it's real tibia??
make teleport for non donators so they can enjoy game it's ....

   staff making favoritism for donators
ye castle is needed and it should give high opportunity to level faster but also give non donator way to get levels and keep up with donator at least 60% !!!
3 days trying to hunt somewhere but failing because im not donator....
and my friend using his castle so i can't force him to leave no chance for non-donators can't find safe place out there in cities even in yalahar hellspawns not safe anymore they target it and also exp is suckkkkkkk
u gotto make copy of dragon lords caves out there in some cities so we can hunt... advantage of vip that they level faster and doesn't go far places being hunted by every single player kinda play safe
non donator can't find good place to hunt and even if he found he will get fucked up every single min..
Old Powerz,
I agree with older powers I'm a power lvler. But tbh I came to
the conclusion who cares if you take fast lols lmfai it's not an accomplishment. Just make the server enjoyable with new quest,  hunting spots, events daily, and add new items for guildshop!
Demon Skeletons is bugged, they only stand still and you can't kill it 
Magister Bengt,
There is a bug where you cant see the people that is online on the guild website, example check my guild , you wont be able to see who is offline, everyone is offline that mean ur name is red.
Hikaru wolfburg,
No one there? I have been there 24/7 since the OT started. I am doing my best, okay?
Besides, a lot of things has been fixed this update, also with help chat. It's now a bit delay between the messages.
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