Hellsway 2017 Edition Launch!

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Welcome to Hellsway.net 2017 Edition!

The official server start will take place on 20th of March at 16:00 CEST.

Special Offer: Players who will login during the first hour of the server start will be eligible to permanently unlock one of the below look-types as outfits:

We are glad to invite you to join one of the most intellectual and historicial Open Tibia Servers ever created on this planet; Hellsway.net - Hellsway is online since 2012 and it has hosted thousands of moments, togethere with our community we have created a ground for unforgotten moments to happen, and we have both carried and observed the transformation of many OTs players from regular players to Legendaries.

Within the 2017 edition we are bringing new game concepts to Hellsway lands. We have focused on giving our players control over the game world state throughout the new content. Unlike regular updates where usually there are bunch of new bosses, hunting grounds and bosses released, we determined on giving each aspect of the new content its time and space to uniquely exists. We will release teasers of the new content in below screenshots and we are excited to let you explore all of them in game once the server has started!

New Hunting Grounds

New Quests

New Bosses

New Maps

New Website! And Many More...


  • IP: Hellsway.net
  • Client: 8.60
  • Port: 7171

[Server Info]

  • Exp Rate avg: 130x.
  • Loot Rate 5x.
  • Skill Rate 35x.
  • Magic Rate 12x.


  • Core of all Tibia 8.6 realmap game world such as quests and secret challenges.
  • Weekly TeamBattle Event.
  • Daily Zombie Event.
  • New Spell for each vocation upon reaching level 400.
  • Active community events and staff managed open battles.
  • Anti-Crash System (you will never loss anything upon server failures, if it happened!).
  • Custom Hunting Areas.
  • Custom Quests and Adventures.
  • Houses At all Cities are Working 100%.
  • Active Support Team.
  • Uniquely founded Vocations.

[Advance Rewards]

  • Level 200 20 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 300 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 350 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 400 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 500 40 Free Premium Points

[Community Creation Videos]

See you on Hellsway.net Lands! Hellsway Team
Nigdy nie gralem na tym serwerze czy ktos z osob które tutaj sa moga podpowiedziec jaka profesja tutaj warto pograc ?i jezeli chce zagrac Elderem to na czym w pozniejszym etapie najlepiej expic ?? Dl , Bugi ... ??
we home there will be free points for players they waited hellsway and support it ..
#shakin. Can't wait till it opens
I want the points to go back to the people that donated..
Techno donated much asf. Mby give 50% back?
excited gonna give this server a try with my noxious team! bbtw are you gonna advertise for more players?  cuz monday server opens... not much time to  advertise
Iam waiting my points longer that 48 hours ???? Egyptian donate ... 
Hey admin ... i bought 900 points i didn't receive it until now with Vodafone method  and now i can't fine vodafone method on the site
why i can't make my character i do sir memo ii he say Character name may contain only a-z, A-Z and a space characters. why that plesae do the bug 
sir Memo,
@sir Memo
Please try again now and if it didn't work contact us at support@hellsway.net
now where is vodafon cash i bought 150 points and no any points comes and is not work any more ??????????????????
yan zaho,
Hey admin ... i bought 600 points i didn't receive it until now with Vodafone method and now i can't fine vodafone method on the site 
SpIdeR MaN,
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