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there is a hellsway.net client??
No there is not. Not yet. Download the normal 8.60 client and an ip changer like (otland) (asprate) (otservlist.org) (integrated magebot) etc..
Mass Destruction,
the problem is i dont know how to integrate mage bot to the  otserverlist.org ip changer
thats why i need a client...
if you know about any other free bot? a simple one that i can use for ml 
Orkbot is very simple
otherwise is elfbot the best i think


Yep. Elfbot. You can get a safe version with "crack" on that "SHITTY THING THEY CALL A OT" Masiyah.se
Legende Urbaine,
why would u say "SHITTY THING THEY CALL OT" i think the staff is more helping than any ot i have ever seen .. so u should respect other ots so people can respect this ot 
Belal uwk,
Masiyah > hellsway in everyway just wait reset and all will back ;D
GM i want benn for what my name impact ayman   go see i take been  pff

Impact Ayman,

Impact Ayman,
Need hellsway's  client 
Francisco Villa,
The masiyah staff is better ? They didnt update shit for yearss !! Lol man, Hellsway got a tutor that is here 24/7 giving his 200% to help everyone. You guys reported bugs. STAFF FIXED THEM. Gave you updates also AT THE SAMME TIME ! Keep you guys informed about updates,  upcomming events, developping spawns, quest and a new "task system" (hydra Tongue). So yeah staff are working like retards here for the community. So before saying staff here dont do shit or whatsoever inform yourself or learn to read cuz they keep community informed about everything on website. Hellsway.net

Mass Destruction,
The Mastermind.
Mass Destruction,
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