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Buy Premium Points. For this points you can buy pacc/items in Shop. To buy points:
1.Visit one of our pages and donate us (send SMS/call special number).
2. After donate will show you PIN code.
3. Save somewhere this PIN code and open this page again.
4. Enter your character name or account and your PIN code in form below.
5. Select donation cost from list and press "Check Code".
6. If account and PIN code is valid you get premium points.
7. Open "Shop Offer" and buy items/pacc :)

Our pages:

1. Address: Buy 20 Shop points for 1 euro inc. VAT

2. Address: Buy 70 Shop points for 3 euro inc. VAT

3. Address: Buy 120 Shop points for 5 euro inc. VAT

4. Address: Buy 250 Shop points for 10 euro inc. VAT

5. Address: Buy 550 Shop points for 20 euro inc. VAT

Please copy your order number in case you didn't receive your points.
Player name or account name:
PIN code:
Offer type:
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online: 1/1000