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Many bugs
I think nobodoy reads this forum but anyway: -I c...
Camaron126710.02.21 12:26:48
by Camaron
the boss scrolls
correct the drop of the scrolls bosses, it appears...
Carlos019619.01.21 18:13:29
by Carlos
None of the tombs are accessible in Ankrahmun....
Attila The Hun031014.06.20 18:17:38
by Attila The Hun
Couple of bugs
- Noble Armor, the key sold by the NPC isn't the k...
Seba539818.06.20 13:08:29
by Seba
I got trapped in a hole in ankrahmun. Not far from...
Bullen238217.04.20 12:57:20
by Bullen
Trapped on emperor quest jinn zumtah
Hi i have been hunting on north zao, and i have be...
Yzaq153506.06.20 23:49:43
by Seba
Entre al segudo portal de lado derecho y entre a u...
Flam040303.04.20 20:47:31
by Flam
Royal Scale Robe
Hi Admins I remember this being an issue on a p...
Jevod070505.03.20 21:33:09
by Jevod
Event bosses
Would really enjoy it if you could fix the bug wit...
Buttercup038123.02.20 21:45:32
by Buttercup
Death Bug etc.
1* Why does the corpse disappear when i kill some...
Albanian Shooter037921.02.20 22:53:24
by Albanian Shooter
Annihilator Quest
I have got empty present from Annihilator Quest wi...
Druit044903.02.20 19:06:45
by Druit

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